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Our Portfolio Snapshot



  • Customised IMDG Training. Clients include Oil Majors in Brunei and Malaysia, Regional chemical distributors and Shipping Lines

  • QRA Consultancy for Storage of Dangerous Goods in a Middle Eastern Container Ports and South East Asian Ports

  • Dangerous Goods Consultancy on Development and Construction of Chemical Logistics Facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia

  • GHS Training for Chemical Distributors

  • Development of Transport Emergency Response Plans for Chemical Distributors

  • Journey Risk Management for transportation of DGs

  • Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation training for Ship Management Companies

  • Safety Audits for chemical warehousing facility within the SEA region

  • Carrying out risk assessments projects for Australian organisation

Our Services



  • Accredited IMDG Specific and Awareness Training Provider by Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

  • Customized Chemical Safety Training

  • The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) Compliance Training

  • Chemical Regulatory Consultancy and Compliance Training

  • Dangerous Goods Consultancy

  • Safety Data Sheet Training and Software Solutions

  • Dangerous Goods Safety Management Consultancy

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Consultancy on DG in Port, Warehouse and Transportation

  • Independent Auditors for Dangerous Goods Safety Management System

  • Incident Investigation Consultancy and Training

  • Risk Assessment Consultancy and Training




Managing chemicals require in-depth technical knowledge and hands on experience to ensure that the hazards are managed in a safe, responsible manner.


Our dangerous goods consultants possess the relevant industry experience and in-depth knowledge to assist clients with practical and realistic solutions. We believe in making that difference. 

ChemPro Consulting International is updating our course material to the new IMDG Code amendment 40-20. 



HR Law Academy Training Centre

Singapore Shopping Centre

190 Clemenceau Ave,


Singapore 239924

ChemPro Consulting International is able to conduct in-house IMDG course. Enquire at

Year 2021 Course Dates:

1) 24 - 26 March 2021


ChemPro Consulting International's IMDG course is now revising our course to the latest publication from IMO (Amendment 40-20). Be sure to be updated on the latest edition! 

Chempro Consulting International is a Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) accredited IMDG training provider for shore based personnel.

*MCF Training Grant (up to 50% of the training fee) is available for eligible participants. Please refer to for information

Our Customers



  • Port Operators

  • Shipping Lines & Ship Management Companies

  • Chemical Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Warehouse Operators

  • Road Transporters

  • Freight Forwarders and 3rd Party Logistics Providers

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