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    Dangerous Goods (DG) Storage Solutions 


    ChemPro Consulting International offers custom engineered HAZMAT Storage Solutions, which are specifically designed to cater for a variety of customers needs. 


    Custom Built for Legal Compliance and Safety

    Made in Australia by our experience partners, these storage solutions are built to the stringent Australian Standards (AS 1940 - The storage and handling of flammable and combusitble liquids) and Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act. It is also bullt to meet the requirements of Singapore Standards (SS 532 - Code of Practice for storage of flammable liquids)* and Code of Practices for Pollution Control (COPPC). 


    Flexibility, Safety and Compliance

    Our fully customized engineered storage solutions offers flexibility and, at the same time, absolute safety and compliance to construction requirements of the standards. 


    Our in-house storage range for P&FM (Petroleum and Flammable Materials) and Hazardous Substances (HS) includes:

    • Walk-in DG storage

    • IBC and Pallet storage lockers

    • Multi-class storage lockers

    • Detached temperature controlled DG storage lockers 

    • Detached decanting stations

    All units are fully signed, fully bunded, fully vented, fully 2 pack epoxied inside and out and have an expected life of 35+years. 4 Hours Fire Rated compartments will be bulkier than those shown in the picture belows

    Features of our Custom Engineered DG Storage Solutions

    • Custom engineering to meet operational needs and requirements.

    • Modular storage with fire rating of up to 240 mins (4 hours)

    • Bunding and retention sump capacity meeting SS532 requirements. Removable grids for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

    • 0.4 times air exchange for passive storage. Active ventilations system can be included as options.

    • Fire alarm, suppression system or extinguishers can be included based on flammable inventory and storage size. 


    Benefits of using our DG storage systems:

    • Fully customisable to meet legal compliance, safety standards and operational needs.

    • Delivered ready assembled. Mobile and able to be relocated to meet future expansions within the facility. #

    • Cost effective alternative solution to constructing a masonary DG storage building.

    * - In Singapore, a plan approval indicating the location of the lockers / cabinets must be obtained prior to installation.

    # - A revised plan approval must be sought prior to any relocation of lockers / cabinets or deviations.

    Quick Facts


    • Made in Australia to stringent Australian Standard (AS1940) and Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act. 


    • Built to fully comply with Singapore Standards (SS532) and COPPC.* 


    • Fire rating of up to 240 mins (4 hours) is available. 


    • Fully custom engineered to client's specifications.

      • Fully customisable size and configuration.

      • Adjustable shelves ideal for storing different sized containers.

      • Multi-Class storage lockers

      • Temeprature control DG storage lockers for sensitve cargoes.

      • Optional accessories when required.


    • Bunding and retention sump capacity meeting SS532 requirements. Removable grids for easy cleaning and maintenance.


    • 0.4 times air exchange for passive storage. Active ventilation system can be included as options. 


    • 2 doors options: 1 or 2 wing doors either on long or short side. Additional doors can also be added.


    • Lockable wing doors to ensure protection from theft and unauthorised access.


    • Delivered ready assembled. Placarded and marked to SS586 or any other standards as specified.


    • Mobile storage solution and relocatable using forklifts. #


    Add-Ons Accessories 


    • Doors; Roller, swing, bifold and panel lift

    • Fire alarm, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers

    • Safety showers and eyewashes

    • Lighting – full range spotlights, flood lights, security lighting

    • Internal explosion proof lights switches and control boxes

    • Explosion proof ventilation systems

    • Internal gantry cranes for shifting IBC and drums

    • Ramp for walk-in storage