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Our Services


Chempro Consulting International aims to provide cost effective and practical solutions for our clients. Our strength lies in the decades of experience that our consultants have accumulated in the transportation, storage and handling of chemicals and dangerous goods within the port, marine, chemical transportation, warehousing and distribution industry. 

Our services include:


Dangerous Goods (DG) TRAINING








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International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code Training (Approved by Competent Authority of Singapore)


Our consultants have decades of training hours in conducting IMDG code courses. Our IMDG training is approved by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) which is the competent authority for the Republic of Singapore. Please refer to MPA website to view accreditation. Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) Training Grant is available for eligible participants. Please refer to for information.


We have the knowledge base and the practical experience to ensure that participants are able to understand and apply the underpinning knowledge of the IMDG Code. 

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Customised HAZMAT Drivers Safety Training meeting the requirements of the Oil and Chemical Majors

Our consultants are experience and knowledegable on the requirements of the Oil and Chemical Majors on their transportation subcontractors. ChemPro Consulting International conducts training on these requirements to enhance the overall competence safety awareness of the HAZMAT drivers. Journey Risk Management, Fatigue management, 80/20 rule. roll over prevention etc are some areas to mention.  



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chemical DG training
Chemical Training Programmes


ChemPro Consulting International provides customised multi modal Chemical Training for our clients. We tailor make and develop training materials which are specific to our client's products and type of operations; For example, Customised training for safe handling, storage and transportation of highly corrosive and toxic Bromine; Safe handling of Dangerous Goods whilst in warehouse storage, how to consol DG shipments via sea, air or road, etc  



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Dangerous Goods Consultancy
GHS Compliance Training and Consultancy


Chempro Consulting International conducts Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) training for clients who intends to upkeep themselves on the latest on the GHS initiative.


We have provided customised training for GHS compliance training specific to the client's product. The client saves time and money by providing specific and accurate information for their employees. 

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SDS safety data sheet
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Preparation & Training


A Safety Data Sheet (SDS), previously called a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), is a document that provides information on the properties of hazardous chemicals and how they affect health and safety in the workplace. Chempro Consulting assist clients on SDS consultancy and training. We can help clients draft SDS in accordance to the international requirements and also provide training to their employees on reading and understanding SDS.  

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Dangerous Goods Consultancy
Consultancy for the design of Dangerous Goods (DG) storage facilitiies (i.e. warehouses, DG yards, open storage, etc) in accordance with local regulatory requirements.


ChemPro's consultants are experienced in helping clients develop greenfield or existing Dangerous Goods (DG) and Hazardous Materials (HM) warehouses of different sizes; ranging from DG storage compartments to 100,000 sqft warehouses and DG container yards.


Chempro Consulting International can assists clients in obtaining regulatory approval when shipping chemicals / dangerous goods into or via Singapore. Our hands-on experience have assisted clients to obtain storage licences, transportation approvals for highly hazardous materials within Singapore and beyond.


Our consultants also provides service which assists clients to achieve beyond compliance. Our strength lies in managing chemical transport safety, chemical handling and storage safety through sound management tools and experience. This includes Journey Risk Management, Driver Training, Emergency Response Management and chemical management system improvements.


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DG SMS consultancy
Dangerous Goods Safety Management Systems Consultancy; i.e. International Cyanide Management Code, local regulatory audit requirements, etc


A Safety Managment System (SMS)  is a comprehensive and integrated system for managing health and safety risks at a chemical hazard facility. This could include chemical storage hubs, ports, warehouses etc. 


Chempro Consulting International specialises in Dangerous Goods Safety Management throughout the entire chemical supply chain. Our experience provides our clients with a SMS which is comprehensive and integrated with respect to adopted control measures in relation to the occurrence and potential occurrence of incidents. 


We have expertise in the various Safety Management systems including NEA/MOM audit, International Cyanide Management Code, OHSAS 18001, etc

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Chemical Regulatory Consulting and Compliance Training


Regulatory Compliance is an important area for managing chemicals and Dangerous Goods (DG). ChemPro Consulting International offers consultancy services to help clients comply to regulatory compliances when importing, exporting, storing and transporting chemicals and dangerous goods via the various transport modes. This is especially important for clients intending to handle new chemicals regulated under International and Singapore regulations.



chemical consultancy training
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Dangerous goods audits
Independent Auditors for Dangerous Goods Safety Management System


Chempro Consulting International conducts independent safety audits for clients. Due to our unique experience in multi modal DG transportation, we specialize in the audit of the Safety Management throughout the entire chemical supply chain. Some of the specific audits which ChemPro can carry out are as follows:


  • DG & Hazardous Materials Warehouse and Transport Operations

  • DG Supply-Chain (incl. ocean, air & land operation)

  • Supply Chain Assessments under the Cyanide Code (International Cyanide Management Code)

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Supply Chain Security Consultancy


ChemPro Consulting International provides your organization with a complete solution for a more sustainable and secure supply chain. Our consultants are experienced in managing the security risks throughout your chemical supply chain across multi modal transport modes and into the operational facilities. We have assisted clients by developing solutions to manage the security risks for highly valuable cargoes during land transportation and whilst in secured storage. We have also assisted clients in developing security management systems and implementing security solutions to ensure the safe storage of Arms and Explosive Precusors. ChemPro Can provide the following security consultancy serves for clients.

  • Assessments and consulting on entire supply-chain security 

  • Assessment on security for transportation

  • Assessment on security for facilities 

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Risk Assessment Consultancy and Training


Managing hazards is vital in addressing health and safety within any workplace. Conducting risk assessments of the hazards identified allows an organisation to prioritise appropriate control measures.


Chempro Consulting International helps clients to understand and obtain the skills and knowledge to properly and confidently, identify Hazards within their workplace, conduct Risk Assessments of those hazards and suggest appropriate control measures. Coupled with our experience in the DG transport industry, we can definitely add value by uncovering additional hazards and counter measures. One typical example is to conduct warehouse operation (DG & HM) Risk Assessment workshops.



Chempro risk assessment training consultancy
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chempro incident investigation technique
Incident Investigation Consultancy and Training


Build on your knowledge of the incident investigation process. Learn how to evaluate, define and investigate workplace incidents, identify causes, implement corrective and preventative actions, and report your findings and recommendations.


Chempro Consulting International uses a systematic cause analysis tool to help uncover immediate and basic causes of an incident or accident. 

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