Recent Projects

Consultancy Project: Assist to Obtain Licence from Singapore Police Force (SPF) to store Explosive Precursors (EP) 
Chempro Consulting assisted a MNC logistics company to obtain the licence from SPF to store explosive precursors (EP) in a warehouse. This was achieved through discussions with relevant stakeholders, proposing the design for storage with the purpose of meeting compliance and obtaining the relevant licences from the authority. 
Consultancy Project: Assist to Obtain Waiver from Authority to store large quantities of Combustibles on Upper Storey of a Warehouse
Chempro Consulting assisted a MNC logistics company to obtain waiver from the Authority to store large quantities of combustibles on the upper storey of a built up warehouse. This was sought through multiple discussions and building up a credible case study based on chemical data and risk analysis. 
The client was happy that the approval was finally obtained.
International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Public Course & Customised IMDG course for a Oil Trading Company 


International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Public Course
ChemPro Consulting had another successful IMDG course with participants from various companies and even overseas. 


We had a really positive session with excellent feedback on our facebook page. 


"Chempro Consulting International

Very well organised with in-depth informative lessons and practicals as well as endless guidance.

Totally Awesome. Without prejudice. This course is one the very best I've gone so far... My thanks and appreciation to all involved. :) "


Development and implementation of DG supply-chain projects

(incl. cyanide transportation) to support the mining industry in Indonesia under the requirements of the International Cyanide Management Code


Consulting services included the development of required manuals and documents related to the entire supply-chain with individual products’ risk assessments.  Additionally, route risk assessments and operational risk assessments (incl. operation of dedicated DG container depot) were conducted to ensure operational and regulatory compliance with regards to among others health & safety as well as security concerns. Based on the operational requirements, tailor-made DG trainings were prepared and conducted which included DG awareness as well as emergency preparedness training sessions.   


HAZMAT Driver Training Course

ChemPro Consulting International was appointed by IS Logistics to conduct a HAZMAT Driver Training Course on 9 Feb 2015.


ChemPro, IS Logistics, together with their principal Shell Singapore, had an interesting afternoon sharing safety information on Roll Over prevention, Fatigue Management, 80/20 filling rules, Journey Risk Management, etc. 


The drivers concluded the day with a safety pledge for 2015. 

International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Public Course
(Jan 2015)


ChemPro Consulting had a successful IMDG course with 22 participants from chemical companies, 3PL and authorities from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.


The participants and lecturers exchanged good information and had a fruitful 3 days of learning. 

Customised Dangerous Goods Course for Middle Management and Supervisors


ChemPro Consulting conducted a customised Dangerous Goods Course for Middle Management and Supervisors of a 3rd Party logistics company. The team leaders learnt about classification of Dangerous Goods, Packing Groups, Placarding & Labelling, reading SDS, GHS requirements and Singapore Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials regulations

Development of Transport Emergency Response Plan (TERP)


A TERP was developed and drafted for a client trading in chemicals. The highly corrosive chemical was transported in isotanks between 2 countires. 


A Journey Risk Assessment was carried out and the high risk areas, secured rest points and suitable route was identified. The TERP was subsequently drafted based on these inputs, the chemicals hazards and possible hazardous scenarios. The TERP was subseqeuntly approved by the authorities.

Customised GHS and Regulatory Training


ChemPro has provided a fully customised GHS and regulatory training for a client. The client had provided Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of their products and a training package on GHS classification, intepreting SDS and regulatory controls was structured around the products. 


The participants has a better understanding on understanding GHS pictograms and requirements, reading key areas of the SDS and the import /  export / storage /  transportation regulatory controls centred around their products.

Consultancy on Transportation and Storage of Highly Hazardous Chemical


ChemPro has provided consultancy and guidance on the proposed transportation and storage of a highly hazardous chemical in isotanks. This material is viewed as extremely hazardous by the authorities due to its nature.


ChemPro has provided proposed engineering, administrative and emergency solutions for a safe, secure transportation and storage of the chemicals. These solutions had been approved by the authorities for similar chemical in past projects.

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