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Guidelines for the Carriage of Divinylbenzene in Containers

Divinylbenzene (DVB) is a liquid chemical that is prone to polymerization (self-reacting). When shipped in bulk, DVB polymerization can cause a large amount of heat and flammable gas to be generated. The gas cloud can resemble smoke from a fire. If exposed to an ignition source, the DVB gas may explode. Stowage of containers carrying DVB on board ships can therefore present a risk of explosion and fire. Products with a polymerization risk generally use chemical inhibitors to prevent self-reaction taking place. With DVB, the chemical inhibitors that are most commonly used to prevent polymerization may be ineffective in preventing it under certain conditions, such as increased heat or low oxygen content. The inhibitor used with products such as DVB works for a limited period of time at a maximum temperature of about 27°C, assuming that a critical oxygen saturation is maintained.

The schematic provides an overview for the carriage of DVB in containers.


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